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Lady Gaga Tweets Lindsay Lohan: Did You Steal My Earrings?


Following Lindsay Lohan’s recent drama with the jewelry heist, Lady Gaga decided to poke a little bit of fun at her troubled friend.

After the District Attorney in Los Angeles chose to drop the charges against the actress who become a suspect in the theft on Tuesday, Lohan tweeted a photo of herself before dinner with her brother Michael Lohan, wearing a pricey pair of earrings hanging from her lobes.

Lady Gaga saw the photo and wasted not time to take a friendly shot at Lohan on Twitter.

“@lindsaylohan ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward….:) kiss kiss chateau bunny.” The singer wrote.

On Aug. 26, Lohan also followed the jewelry heist speculation that she has her own jewelry collection by tweeting a photo along with the caption, “Cleaning MY jewels 🙂 ….. I love feeling like Elizabeth@DameElizabeth.”


Lindsay Lohan tweeted a photo of her own jewels (Lindsay Lohan/yfrog)

Just last month, Lohan and the music star – along with songbird Lana Del Rey – had a sleepover at the West Hollywood hotel the Chateau Marmont consisting of dinner, playing dress-up, watching old movies and playing board games.

Interestingly enough, the famous hotel is no longer welcoming Lohan after not paying her bill of $46,000 during her stay.

Perhaps Gaga can lend her the dough to foot the bill?

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