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LADIES! What Your Christmas Gift Says About Your Relationship

By Posted on 0 5 m read

By @Eskeino

It’s been a while, I know, but I’m feeling the Christmas spirit a tad bit earlier than I usually do (well actually, I usually don’t have any Christmas spirit at all). I have developed a new perspective about relationships and mushy things of that nature as I started to see the benefit of caring for a significant other. What better time is there to show your main thang that you love them than Christmas? Right?!?!? While guys love getting gifts, there isn’t the same emotional draw in gift getting that there is for women. What type of gift you get on Christmas can say a lot about your current relationship; and it ISN’T all about the price of the gift as sometimes the more expensive gift can mean doom and gloom. I’ll give you a breakdown about what your gift says about your relationship so you can start shopping for wedding dresses or find a new date for New Years.

Gift Type A – Nothing

Well, this would suck no matter the circumstances. To get nothing from your dude on a day where even the “sidest of hoes” are getting gifts has got to be a downer. There are only a few options as to what this means for your relationship, and none of them are great.

  • The “I Just Didn’t Have The Money” – The economy is bad I get it, Jay Gatsby is dead and nobody and throwing bashes at their mansion spewing with illegal liquor every weekend but getting nothing at all is just a bad move. It’s not like Christmas snuck up on him it’s the same date every year, so they should know beforehand they should save some  money saved to buy a gift. If your guy is apologetic beforehand about getting you nothing and at LEAST gets you a card and spends the day with you, give him a pass. If your dude tells you day of and expects you to be ok with that…yeah, ain’t no future in that frontin’.
  • The “Christmas Is A Bullsh*t Hallmark Holiday” – Christmas has been commercialized for economic profit, this is very true no doubt. For that reason this is an often use tactic by guys just don’t feel like buying gifts. If your relationship is newish there’s nothing you can really feel about this response. You probably shouldn’t be receiving gifts so early in the game and you’ll look real lame if you “demand” one. On the other hand if he hits you with this response out the gate your probably are dating an asshole, but I’m guessing that’s why you love him. If you have been in a relationship for a while then there’s no excuse and homie probably doesn’t care all that much about you. It’s not the monetary value, it’s the fact that he didn’t bother to do anything for you on a holiday about love, family and Baby Jesus…no bueno.

Gift Type B – Sentimental Over Monetary

A tactic often used by men. Sentimental gifts are usually a great way to go. It gives the woman a lasting memory of a gift thoroughly thought out by her man which may mean more than a emotionless gift that cost money. I bid you forewarning though, not every gift thought out was thought with your happiness in mind.

  • The “I Really Want To Make This Memorable For Her” –
    Knowshon Moreno Tears (Karen Civil)
    Yes, Nice guys truly actually exist. If a guy goes out of his way to get you gifts and do things for you that have a lasting effect, he probably loves you. It’s more than just the gifts, the fact that he knows what things will make you drop Knowshon Moreno Crocodile tears means he PAYS ATTENTION. Few men actually pay attention.
  • The “I Really Want To Make This Cheap For Me” – He may put together some mushy-gushy things for you that he knows you’ll like and you may like it, but the reason he’s doing it all may just be to save himself money. EVERY man does this a couple times in our courting of a young Tenderoni so don’t trip. It doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you. Although, if it happens often of big holidays (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day) he probably is and will always be extremely cheap but loves you or he really likes you but doesn’t LOVE you…yet.

Gift Type C – The Multi-Gift

You know what’s better than one gift? Two! You know what’s better than two gifts? Seven! Receiving multiple gifts is a great thing for women and a safe bet for men. A woman would have to be a real whore-face to dislike a collection of gifts. Nothing but good can come from giving or getting multiple gifts.

Gift Type D – Daddy Warbucks
Oprah Giving Gifts (Karen Civil)
So your man went Oprah for Christmas….cute. By all means, if you get a Bentley as a gift, take it, but if you’re the gushy mushy “I want love” type, you may want to look at the bigger picture.

  • The “I Love You So Much I’ll Buy Anything For You” – You got a good one, and you’re in a great relationship. If he really likes to spoil you then you shouldn’t worry about how he feels on his part; you should analyze how you feel on your part. Would you love him if he didn’t get you the lavish gifts? Does he think that all you want is lavish gifts to be happy? If you want the relationship to be a happy one, you need to let him know at some point you don’t need all the great things he gives you so he won’t resent you for it later. If you know that you’re more in it for what he gives you than what he means to you, don’t be an ass, find a new date for New Years.
  • The “Ehhh…Here’s Something Expensive, You Should Like It Because It’s Expensive” – This is a problem depending on what you’re looking for in a relationship. If you ACTUALLY care about him, then him getting you expensive things with no thought process probably isn’t a good sign. It doesn’t take any type of compassion buy something expensive, it doesn’t mean he loves you. If your just in it for the gold…hey, do you

Whether you get nothing or everything this holiday season, remember ladies, beauty is only skin deep, Christmas is all about caring and sharing and all that other jazz…..and New Year’s is right around the corner if it doesn’t work out! Which is where I will be residing


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