Know Your Girls Campaign Launch

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In order to encourage black women to learn about the risk for breast cancer and take charge of their breast health, Susan G. Komen  and the Ad Council have partnered to launch the “Know Your Girls Campaign” which is dedicated to addressing the mortality rate disparity among black women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Black women in the U.S. are 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women, and a recent study found that while 92 percent of black women agree breast health is important, only 25 percent of women have recently discussed breast health with their family, friends, or colleagues and only 17 percent have taken steps to understand their risk for breast cancer. Because of these statics, many famous black women such as June Ambrose, Vanessa Bell Calloway & Regina Hall has joined the campaign to help further the conversation about knowing your breast.

In an Instagram video,celebrity stylist,  June Ambrose wants us to talk about our breast more often,

“When you are amongst your friends make it apart of the conversation you know touch yourself talk to each other about it talk about your family history and go get tested earlier.”

The “Know Your Girls” campaign encourages black women, ages 30-55 years old, to treat their breasts with the same attentiveness and understanding they share with the women in their lives. The “Know Your Girls” campaign also creates awareness through print, television, and digital opportunities for women to learn about the importance of screening and early detection. By giving black women the tools to take charge of their breast health, we hope to help avoid unnecessary breast cancer deaths.

The campaign video, created pro bono by award-winning creative agency Translation, features images of a woman during the most important times of her life. At each occasion, her girls surround her. At the end, the woman reveals that the “girls” who have been with her in every single moment of her life, her breasts, are in fact the ones she might know the least.

The campaign includes TV, radio, print, out-of-home, and digital PSAs, which direct women to The website resources will help women navigate breast cancer risk factors, recognize changes in their own breasts, and prepare to have a conversation with a doctor. The website also features personal stories of women who have survived breast cancer.

The campaign also includes brand new social media channels, launched in collaboration with digital marketing agency Good Stuff Digital, which will aim to create an online community where black women can come together to talk honestly and openly about their breast health and show support for each other.


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