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Kiley Lyall May Be The First Model With Autism To Cover ‘Women’s Running’ Magazine

By Posted on 0 1 m read

24-year-old runner and aspiring model, Kiley Lyall will (hopefully) soon make history as she has the opportunity become the first model with autism to bless the cover of Women’s Running magazine!

Kiley Lyall was born with autism, mild cerebral palsy, and epilepsy, but despite those challenges the inspirational young woman has done the impossible to achieve true greatness.

According to The Mighty, Kiley’s mother entered her daughter into a competition at Women’s Running magazine for women who have overcome obstacles in their lives, and from 3,000 applicants Kiley was chosen to be one of the 8 top finalists.

The aspiring model’s mother says that Kiley has been running since the early age of eight-years-old and has always had a passion for it. She also mentions that her daughter’s favorite thing about running is blending with other runners and not standing out for having a special ability.

If selected to cover Women’s Running magazine, Kiley Lyall says it will be a dream come true. “Being on the cover of ‘Women’s Running’ magazine would mean that I’m just a runner,” Kiley tells The Mighty.

Congratulations Kiley Lyall on every single accomplishment at just 24-years-old. We’re rooting for you to make that cover!


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