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Kid Cudi’s Custody Battle Comes To An End

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Kid Cudi has been in a bitter custody battle with his “baby mama” for the past year. The Day and Night rapper has been quietly battling for full custody of his daughter, but he recently lost the fight!

Cudi claims he got a place in Chicago to be closer to his daughter and has been paying child support. However, the mother of his child claims it’s all a bunch of lies, saying the G.O.O.D. Music rapper is an absentee father and only gives “sporadic and inconsistent amounts” of child support.

According to TMZ, the court documents also claim that Cudi has violent tendencies and a “long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse.” The two parties agreed to disagree; and after a year-long battle, Cudi surrendered and let the mother of his child have full custody.

Cudi is allowed to have visitation with his daughter and will also have to pay child support.

It seems like Kid Cudi was genuinely ready to clean up his life and be a good father to his daughter. Last year in an interview with Vibe magazine, he talked about how he stopped smoking weed to be more aware of his surroundings.

“… While I was in that state of mind I just was missing a lot of shit that was going on in my circle. I just felt like I needed to just take a step back, clear my dome and focus on some real important shit. Like my daughter for one, my family, my business, things that are important. But you know, don’t be sad, I had a good run right?”

Let’s Chat! Do you think that Kid Cudi should have gotten full custody of his daughter?


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