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Kay’s Custom Dolls Celebrates Inclusiveness With Albino And Vitiligo Custom Dolls

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Little girls everywhere deserve to see themselves in their toys, on their TV screens, and in mainstream media. African American women have been left out of the equation when it comes to representation, we don’t see our selves enough. When you don’t see yourself celebrated it is hard to truly accept and love yourself because you are subconsciously being told that you are not “normal”.

Thankfully it’s 2017 and game changers are coming out the woodworks to fix the issue of representation in our everyday lives. Artist Crystal Kaye is one of those game changers. She has joined the likes of doll companies like Hello Hijab, Naturally Perfect, and American Girl, by creating dolls that celebrate differences.

Kaye focuses on skin disorders like Albinism and Vitiligo, Kaye hand-paints custom porcelain dolls. Skin disorders like this are not out of the ordinary and should be embraced. Nothing is “wrong” with you if you have a skin disorder, it’s just simply the special way that God made you. Kaye’s dolls will help young women around the world understand that.

“The process can be tedious. Some dolls take a few days, other dolls might take a week.” – Crytal Kay

Kaye has got loads of support via social media, celebrities like Mike Epps and Tia Mowry have helped spread this product that will ultimately help shape the perspective of our young women who are THE future. Less trying to fit in and more being proud to be different and STAND OUT.




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