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Karen Civil, the Philanthropist

By Posted on 3 2 m read

When one thinks of Karen Civil, one thinks of music, beats by Dre, a social media mogul, fashionista and often the only female taking charge out of the crew. Nonetheless, there is a side Karen Civil that many do not know about, a civil side.  The word civil has many synonyms; however respectful, deferential, gracious and complaisant, will be best to describe Karen Civil, the Philanthropist.


This fall, Civil has participated in the Nike’s WeRUNSF and the Making Strides against Breast Cancer 5K Walk in Atlanta for Breast Cancer Awareness. Both WERUNSF and the Breast Cancer walk are charity ran functions that raise funds for various charities and foundations, while promoting women empowerment and health awareness of illnesses.   

When discussing the significance of philanthropy in her life, Civil emphasized that her participation in walks/runs not only helps promote awareness and enables her to give back; it helps her improve her personal lifestyle. Civil shared,

“Running/Marathons help me have an active lifestyle. I stay sharp, strengthen my bones and stay in shape. I reduce stress levels that work/life may put on me and in the process you are helping a cause, may it be Red Cross or cancer. Each marathon/walk I do goes toward some form of charity.”


Karen Civil is gearing up to participate in the 2nd annual Nike Women’s Marathon in DC on April 27th. To learn more about walks/runs for causes, visit the official website of a cause you wish to support.  –Sable Tempest




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