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Karen Civil Shows Us Her Old Stomping Grounds In The #BLX BET Series

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Karen Civil is a driving force in this digital renaissance. Her story of bravery, risk taking and, most importantly, hard work can serve as a lesson for almost anyone working to turn their dreams into reality.

What started out as a hobby has transformed Karen’s life in ways she never imagined. Her story is a remarkable one – a young lady from Elizabeth, New Jersey that turned what she loved doing into a career and blueprint for others to follow.

In a recent episode with #BLX, Karen takes us back to the very block she grew up on and gives us insight to her childhood years. “This was a staple of my childhood. This is where my dreams started. This is the foundation of who Karen Civil is,” she explains.

#BLX  is a BET series that takes celebrities and notable individuals back to their old stomping grounds allowing them to share memories, inspirations and influences of their youth.

Check out Karen’s episode above and be sure to stop by #BLX for more videos of the Civil Life.


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