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Justin Simien’s Satire ‘Dear White People’ Set for Theatrical Release

By Posted on 16 1 m read

Back in June 2012, newcomer filmmaker Justin Simien hit a nerve with folks when he spoke about the black community in his witty, viral trailer, Dear White People. “Films with predominantly white casts can come in any form, tell any story, big or small,” he says. “For black films, you have those light, fluffy rom-coms or Madea and then you have the black torture awards movie.”

The young filmmaker may mock Tyler Perry’s career decisions, but he insists that he doesn’t have to throw shade at other filmmakers.

Since winning the Special Jury prize for Breakthrough Talent at Sundance, Simien’s Dear White People clip is expected now to become full-length documentary film in the near future.

The word is that Lionsgate and Roadside Attraction have acquired right to do a bigger U.S. release in the near future. In the meantime, check out the clip above.

What do you think: offensive or critical convo-starter?


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