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Julia Nepper Earns A Ph.D. At 23 Years Old

By Posted on 21 1 m read

Julia Nepper has earned a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at the age of 23 years old. Nepper, who was homeschooled at a very young age because she wasn’t being “challenged” enough.

“We didn’t think she was being challenged enough,” said Nepper who was remembering a time when the family lived in Burgaw.  “It was suggested if we wanted her to excel, we’d have to pull her out and homeschool her.”

Julia was just 12 years old when she began her higher education at Cape Fear Community. She went on to get her associates degree at 14, her bachelor’s degree from UNCW at 16 and now her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at 23.

“Most of the people I’ve met, in my life, could have done what I did if they had the right support,” Julia said. “I don’t fault my parents, pushing me, with regards to my education. Clearly, I could handle it and it worked. So they must have done something right.”

Julia has the world ahead of her and plans to possibly land a job in Japan although her mother would love for her to return to Wilmington. This is the first time that Julia isn’t going to have homework or a test to study for, and she is nervous about what the future holds.

We hope that she explores all that life has to offer, congrats!



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