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#JoinTheMovement: Philadelpha Based Retailer VILLA Adds Scholarships To Their Community Contributions

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Not your typical “Show and Tell”  classroom story, VILLA is offering scholarships and engagement opportunities to bring the local community and Lehigh students closer together. VILLA is a Philadelphia-based lifestyle retailer of urban-inspired footwear & apparel with over 120 stores located in IL, PA, MI, MN, OH, TX,NJ, NY, WI, & DE.

The “Show and Tell” Scholarship awards students up to $1,000 if they create a short video identifying a person, place or thing within the community that matters to them. Students must then post this video on Instagram with the hashtag, #ShowandTellVILLA. The videos will be judged on transparency, and the selection process is based on the student’s story.

“The ‘show your stuff’ story tells itself for you, it shows your passion” – Kyle Kopervas, assistant manager of VILLA.

To be eligible for participation you can apply if you are enrolled in an undergraduate program, a legal resident of the U.S, between 16 and 27 years of age, and have an Instagram account. The deadline for this scholarship is September 30, 2016, CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

The scholarship isn’t all that the company is involved with when it comes to lifting up the community. Each store located in the U.S is part of the company’s greater initiative, “Join The Movement”.  “Join The Movement” aims to revitalize the urban communities where (they) operate by developing, supporting and delivering opportunities that provide educational support, environmental improvement, and economic empowerment. The company also hosted their first student-DJ event on Sept.16 as a part of its efforts to bridge the gap between the Bethlehem community and Lehigh students. At this event, student DJs were allowed to play in the store to give them a unique experience and a platform to promote their own brands and products.


“There’s no monetary value, it’s more of a connection of cross-promotion” –  Kyle Kopervas

VILLA’s student-DJ event featured 7G, a Lehigh student-DJ group. 7G’s two DJs, Frankie Rodriguez, ’19, and Donterrius Walker, ’19, prepared for the Villa event for weeks. Their new album, Heuristic, was released Sept. 7, and Walker said he appreciates the exposure VILLA is trying to provide the group.

“We’re not just regular DJs. We do more than go to parties and play music, and we’re looking to go to the top.” – Frankie Rodriguez

The retail companies movement is for the culture and the betterment of our youth, the future.

“Villa serves as a starting base for these DJs to rise in success, through this DJ event, we’re bringing students into curate conversation in the community.” – Kyle Kopervas

If you thought that was all of the beneficial affairs that VILLA has up their sleeve for the Lehigh community, you played yourself. The company sells Lehigh T-shirts located behind the register for an add-on to students’ regular purchases. It sells the shirts for $5 and offers Lehigh students 20 percent off its merchandise on Thursdays. They would love to have the school’s football players be the face of the brand in the community as well, according to Kopervas. VILLA has already had such a huge impact on their community and students at Lehigh and they aren’t stopping anytime soon, they plan to continue to inspire community activism.

“We want students to show how they can work together and grow so when they leave, they’ll remember they got that experience from this store. We want to create long-lasting friendships” Kyle Kopervas




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