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Jewell Jones Becomes Youngest Person To Sit on City Council in Michigan

By Posted on 0 1 m read

At just 20-years-old Jewell Jones has made history by becoming the youngest person to sit on the city council in Inkster, Michigan.

While many young people his age are still trying to figure it out, Jones in confident that serving is his purpose. “Serving the people in this capacity has always been pretty natural for me.”

In his role he plans to bridge the gap between the African-American community and the policing authorities. He hopes to strengthen the relationship between the two in hopes of creating a more effective and safe community.

Michigan State Senator Knezek (D) shared, “We need more Jewells in politics across this country… more young people who won’t simply settle for sitting on the sidelines complaining about how others are running things.”

“We are definitely going to be more focused on community policing, making police officers more visible by attending different events as opposed to residents only seeing and interacting with officers when they are enforcing the law,” Jones shared with the Huffington Post.

Jones is well on his way to success. He is currently a junior at the University of Michigan with plans to graduate in May 2017.





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