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Jereshia Hawk Shares The 7 Secrets of a Side Hustler

Meet Jereshia Hawk, a transmission pipeline engineer for a Fortune 500 company and a consulting business for women.

The Detroit-based founder of Goal Getter recently shared with the 7 keys to balancing her full-time position and her side hustle.

She tells, “Create a plan and get specific [with it]. How much money do you want to earn a month? How are you going to earn it? What resources do you need to make that happen? What actions do you need to take to achieve your goal?”

She also told the publication that asking for help is major key part to being successful in life. “Knowing who to ask for help is more important sometimes than knowing the answer. You need to have a friend, a mentor, or a mastermind to turn to, for when you start feeling unsure of what to do next.”

Head over to Blackenterprise.comand check out the rest of Jereshia Hawk’s secrets and see how this millennial leads a $400 million project while running her own business.

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