Jay Z and Life + Times Brings You A Peak Into the Nightlife for The Elite

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By now you’ve undoubtedly heard Jay Z’s masterpiece Magna Carta…Holy Grail. While we’re not dissecting it’s significance TODAY, we do want to call attention to one of the albums standout tracks Beach is Better, which is only 55 seconds but makes a huge impact in its own right. In the track, Jay delivers the lyric “Started out at The Darby, ended up at 1 OAK. Left the house with a hundred grand, ended up near broke.” Immediately I was curious about these places he was mentioning but to my surprise all was answered via a post today from his official blog LifeandTimes.com.

Via a short video tour and interview with curator Christian AlexanderOff The Wall explores various clubs such as The Darby Downstairs and Le Baron giving us an uncommon look inside a very private world for the upper echelon of the entertainment.nightlife industry.

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