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JASS: Just A Simple Solution

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Hair styling would be pointless without having the right products to style. After 21 years of working as a cosmetologist, Janel Smith decided to build “JASS” hair care product line. Having become an expert on hair care over the years, Smith was able to take the pros and cons of various hair care products that not only promotes healthy hair growth, but also strengthen and nourish one’s hair. Using a combination Keratin, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Oil, as well as other ingredients, JASS  offers a unique line of shampoos and conditioners.  The products are created to treat one’s hair starting from reviving one’s scalp then enriching the hair by creating body, strength and ultimately shine.

Jass, which is an acronym for what Smith promotes her products as “Just A Simple Solution,” features a various forms of conditioners and shampoos. Depending on one’s hair texture, one would utilize the given shampoo or conditioners.

JASS Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo: Invigorating, clarifying shampoo with the highest grade, pure Peppermint Oil and healing Tea Tree Oil. This shampoo deep cleans and heals while reviving the scalp. Removes debris and build-up from the hair shaft to clarify and conditions while improving body and shine.

JASS Deep Treatment: A deep conditioning treatment for all types of hair types with aromatherapy packed spheres of vanilla beans. A deep conditioner is an innovation in the science of hair nourishment. Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil, Calendula and Geranium repair, conditions, soften and adds shine to hair. Paraben free.

JASS Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler: Light Conditioning, leave-in detangling spray. Detangling conditioners and active botanicals leave hair with just a right amount of shine without weighing the hair down. Adds body and volume while repairing split ends to leave hair looking healthy and ready to style.

JASS Keratin Shampoo: Infused with Keratin to help prevent breakage. This moisturizing daily wash gently removes build up on hair & scalp. Adds renewed strength and gently smoothes and softens the surface of the hair. Plant extracts help reduce frizz and fly aways leaving the hair with a silky and shiny appearance.

JASS Keratin Conditioner: This lite weight daily conditioner is formulated with Keratin to help seals the cuticle of the hair locking in proteins that help reduce frizz and control unmanageable hair.

JASS Keratin Smooth Remedy Serum: Keratin infused weightless smoothing leave-in conditioner. Improves the moisture balance of the hair while reducing frizz.

 As the creator of JASS continues to promote rich and healthy hair, Smith is working to develop Curl Elixir, Hold Spray, Mold Mudd and Shaper Spray. JASS products can be purchased from  For more details on JASS hair products visit the company’s Facebook page “Jass Product Line.”



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