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Janelle Monae Covers Billboard Magazine! Speaks About Miguel & Prince On New Album

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Janelle Monae isn’t at all new to the music scene. Having made a big splash a few years back with cosigns from artists such as Diddy and Outkast, Janelle was in a position to really shake up the scene. The problem then, and why we think she was under appreciated is probably because people just weren’t equipped to receive the messages she was sending. All of that is changing.

Armed with the same, if not more potent, stances on politics and social climate, Janelle will undoubtedly benefit from a more conscious listener and appears to be focusing on this new album differently; operating on her own terms.  “We felt a shift in the world … a shift in our music and freedom, with life and politics and where we are as a society.” Offered Monae in her most recent interview with Billboard Magazine, which she’s also covering. “Every time is not always the right time for you to come out with something. You just get a feeling [when the time is right]. We call that listening to our ‘soul clock.’ As you can see, we got about 60 clocks up there [in the foyer] that we look at as inspiration. That tells us to listen to our soul clock, because we’re giving you 60 different times up there: You really have to go with your compass.”


Electric Lady is due in September of this year and features musics hit boy right now, Miguel. But from the land of myths and fairytales, Janelle was also able to pull out music icon Prince for a special feature on her album. “It’s not every day that he collaborates,” said Monae of The Artist. “I’m honored and humbled that he trusted me. He is forever my friend, and I am forever indebted. I can’t say too much else about it.”

Well if it’s anything like her collaboration with Erykah Badu we can’t wait to hear more. If YOU haven’t heard it then check it out below.


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