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It’s Ok To Be You: Santa Gives Powerful Message To Young Boy With Autism

By Posted on 4 1 m read

The holiday season is filled with tons of emotions. Usually these emotions are positive ones, however, and one fictional character plays a big role in that — Santa Clause.

Recently at the RiverTown Crossings Mall in Grandville, Michigan, 6-year old Landon Johnson, who happens to have autism, met Santa and received one of the most important lessons/gifts ever. After revealing to Santa that he had autism, and feared to be on the naughty list because of it, Santa had five simple words for the boy: “It’s ok to be you.”

According to the HuffPost, Landon’s mother Naomi Johnson tells WOOD-TV, “Santa sat him next to him and took L’s hands in his and started rubbing them, calming them down. Santa asked L if it bothered him, having Autism? L said yes, sometimes. Then Santa told him it shouldn’t. It shouldn’t bother him to be who he is.”

Santa added one more piece of reassurance for Landon: “You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it’s OK. You’re a good boy.” What a special moment for Landon and our friendliest, jolliest fella, Santa Clause.

Watch the full news story below.


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