Issa Rae Wants To Change Portrayal of Dark-Skinned Black Women In Television & Film

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Within the black community, colorism is something I would describe as an uphill battle. On one hand, you have people who will deny the fact the colorism even exists, but then you have people like Issa Rae who is aware of and actively attentive to colorism and is willing to combat those issues head-on.

During the Insecure Fest in Los Angeles, the ‘Insecure’ actress and show-runner spoke about her plans to change the way that dark-skinned black women are portrayed in television and film. “Dark-skinned women still portray a certain archetype and I want to change that,” she said. “They’re either super strong, emotionless, robotic — or hyper-sexual, and you don’t get the in-between very much.”

Actress Yvonne Orji, who is also a dark-skinned woman and plays Issa Rae’s best friend Molly, also expressed her desire for people to see how dynamic and multi-faceted dark-skinned black women can be. We too deserve and are capable of playing lead roles. “I want the portrayal of dark-skinned women to evolve in such a way that you see us as multi-faceted,” said Orji. “We are more than just the sassy friend or the maid. We’re so dynamic. We can be the leads.”

‘Insecure’ season three returns to HBO on Aug. 12.

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