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Issa Rae and Solange Knowles Come Together To Help Save ‘My Two Cents’, A Black And Female-Owned Soul Food Restaurant

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Issa Rae and Solange Knowles are some of our “go to” girls for the culture. A Seat At The Table and Insecure are certified and profound works of art, that were both needed during this rough political and social climate. These queens are unapologetically black and progressive in showcasing all of the beauty that black women and black people have to offer to music, television, the internet, and our nation. Their artistic work truly exhibits #BlackGirlMagic in its purest form.

The duo, who previously worked together on the fire soundtrack for Season 1 of the hit HBO series Insecure are combining their melanin forces once again to help save a struggling business owner.

Last Friday, Knowles, and Rae hosted “Wine and Grind” a fundraising event that benefited the My Two Cents eatery. The restaurant is owned by Los-Angeles based chef Alisa Reynolds. In July Reynolds created a GoFundMe page to help settle a $130,000 lawsuit that the eatery is facing.

“For the past two years, I have suffered in silence because of a legal battle. Honestly, I am facing the biggest obstacle of my professional life,” she wrote, noting that the lawsuit stems from early backers of her business who she said that they, “misunderstood the culinary process.”

“If I do not raise $130,000 by August 15, 2017, I may no longer be able to continue working at Two Cents L.A.,” she continued. “My absence will affect the other 17 beautiful people who work with me and pour their hearts and souls into the food that they prepare each day.”

With the help of Saint HeronRae and Knowles were able to organize a private dinner and fundraiser at a secret location in efforts to #SaveMyTwoCents. The beautiful Kelly Rowland and talented Melina Matsoukas who was featured in #TheLivingCivilSeries served as hosts.

“Saint Heron’s Wine and Grind was a magical night I’ll always cherish. The room was filled with genuine love and support for Chef Alisa, and a reminder of how powerful sisterhood can be when we all come together to uplift one another. Hearing Solange and Kelly Rowland rave about Chef Alisa firsthand was adoring. And I can’t blame them because her food was amazing.” – Jessica Washington via The Huffington Post 

All proceeds from Wine and Grind are going to Reynolds’ restaurant.

Major kudos to Solange and Issa for stepping up and being selfless, we wish the My Two Cents soul food eatery much success in the future!



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