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Is Your Diet Sabotaging Your Workouts?

By Posted on 30 2 m read

Do you have a regular routine at the gym? Are you working out every day and still not seeing results? You are not alone. Millions of people are regular gym go-ers yet never see results. The answer can be as simple as your diet. What you are putting into your body can determine if all those hours at the gym show or not. Here are five tips to help you achieve your goals.

Take Your Time:
Sit down and take your time for each meal. It should take you 15-20 minutes to eat a meal. It is important to stop eating when you start to feel full. Also remember to chew your food so that your body will absorb all of the nutrients in your meal properly. Don’t feel bad about taking a to go bag (most American restaurants serve double of what a normal portion size is if not more).

Eat A Lean Protein With Every Meal:
There should be at least one palm-sized portion for women and two palm-sized for men of protein dense food in your meal. If you are vegetarian make sure there are lentils or another source of protein with each meal (this includes breakfast).

Eat Your Veggies:
Each meal should have one serving of vegetables (the darker the leaf and the brighter the veggie better). A serving size for veggies is approximately the size of a fist. The veggies can be raw, steamed or baked (however you prefer just not fried).

Some Fats Are Good:
Eating good fats does not make you fat. Your body needs good fats to support weight loss. Some examples of good fats include fish, eggs, some meats, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Or you can take a fish oil supplement daily which can come in pill or liquid form.

Not All Carbs Are Bad:
If your goal is fat loss and you haven’t just completed a workout, avoid starchy carbs and opt for a double serving of veggies instead. If your meal is post-workout it is ok to eat some starchy carbs such as: whole grain bread, whole grain rice, oats, or potatoes/yams because your body will use it as fuel and not store it.

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