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Instagram Account Shows Why The Female Voice Is So Important

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The importance of a  women’s  voice has become an increasingly popular lesson and we’re so here for it. Molly Williams, 20, has taken her talents to the drawing board to help the world realize how a female’s body, thoughts, and actions have noting to do with anyone but herself.

The college students illustrates women, both real and fictional, with captions that drive the message home. She then uploads the drawings to her Instagram account, Feminist Thought Bubble, which has already garnered much support.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, Williams wants to rise awareness about some of the issues women face such as equal pay, sexual preferences, body image and more.

“Most people who argue that women do not experience oppression have never taken the time to actually listen to diverse groups of women describe their experiences and feelings,” she shared with the HuffPost. “I think we sometimes forget that we are humans, humans have feelings, and not every feeling has to be backed up with a statistic in order to be valid and worthy of respect.”

Check out some of her posts below.

This has come up before, but I think it’s extremely important. 💃🏾

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