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In Trayvon Martin’s Case; Right Vs. Wrong Should Have Superseded The Law

By Posted on 2 5 m read

By now, we all know the facts of the Trayvon Martin Case. George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin when he was told by authorities not to approach him. Trayvon and Zimmerman got into a physical altercation after George Zimmerman confronted him. Trayvon Martin was shot in the heart and killed during the altercation. George Zimmerman did not call 911 or the ambulance after he shot Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin had no weapons on his person at the time of the incident and George Zimmerman was found not guilty on counts of second-degree murder and manslaughter. These are the things that we know took place on February, 26th 2012 leading up to the jury’s decision Saturday night, but this trial was based on factors that couldn’t be proved rather than evidence that could. No one truly knows whether it was Trayon or George Zimmerman screaming for help on that recording, no one knows whether it was Trayvon or George Zimmerman who initiated the physical contact first. We don’t know if Zimmerman committed murder based on a hatred for African-American individuals or not and because of those unknowns, a man is free to live his after doing the wrong thing.

Our justice system doesn’t consider morality, it doesn’t consider right or wrong, it only considers the facts and the law. Florida has a “stand your ground” law that states a person may justifiably use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of an unlawful threat without an obligation to retreat first. That gives George Zimmerman legal right to use deadly force if need be if he was defending himself. The prosecution couldn’t prove that he wasn’t defending himself so in the states eyes, Zimmerman did in fact abide by the law. The legal system did its job, at the end of the day it can say they analyzed the evidence, listened to both the defense and the prosecution fairly and chose a jury of the defendant’s peers and came up with a fair and legal verdict. In this country what’s fair and legal supersedes what’s right, wrong and immoral which is a travesty for the self-proclaimed greatest nation in the world to be proud of.


The prosecution’s case was inept compared to the defenses. Their key witnesses seemed unprepared and un-knowledgeable that resulted to no further understanding of what transpired that night. It was impossible for the defense to prove that Zimmerman acted out of a prejudicial malicious towards Trayvon and the defense was accurate, specific and aggressive when cross-examining witnesses. That jury didn’t decide on what they knew happened, they decided on what they were presented with and the defense looked the part. There’s a pomp and circumstance involved with trials, if you look like your know what you’re doing it doesn’t matter if the crime was wrong or not. A young man lost his life and had George Zimmerman simply followed instructions and not pursued Trayvon Martin he would still be alive today. George Zimmerman was inherently wrong, forget the trial, the evidence and the strength of the defense’s case, George Zimmerman was wrong.

Trayvon Martin’s parents have to find some way to cope with the loss of their child after the man who murdered him, maliciously or not, has been acquitted of every charge. The state of Florida along with a jury proclaimed that George Zimmerman did absolutely nothing wrong so in a way it’s saying that he was just in killing Trayvon Martin that night. Where is the justice in murder? Where is the justice in the justice system? Why is it egregious to incorporate what is right and wrong in a legal preceding?

A woman in Florida received twenty years for firing shots in the air under the same “stand your ground” laws that lead to Zimmerman being a free man. There is no uniformity in the same laws within the same state. How can justice be served when it’s interpretation of its own laws are unjust? There comes a point when we have to put everything aside in these cases and just determine what is right and what is wrong. George Zimmerman was wrong for profiling Trayvon Martin, he was wrong for approaching him and he was wrong for taking his life. These are the points that should matter in the eyes of the law, what we all know is right and wrong, but it isn’t permitted. The morality of a man killing an unarmed teenager who committed no criminal action should matter in the eyes of the law, but that also isn’t permitted. The humanity within all of us isn’t permitted in the court of law, we are expected to be robots who analyze the facts and the decrees of the laws with no sense of decency as if it is our civic duty to do so. We all know the facts, but the facts don’t tell us the entire story.

People of all races and skin colors will chose to exhibit their disdain for the verdict in a bevy of ways. Some people will riot, some people will petition, some people will write letters, some people will commit violence and some people will do absolutely nothing. The sad thing about all of those this is that none of it will bring justice to the slain Trayvon Martin and nothing ever will. He didn’t die that night hoping to be a martyr for racial injustice, he was just a kid coming back from a 7-11 in the rain with his hoodie up. This trial should have never happened because then seventeen year old Trayvon Martin should be eighteen today. George Zimmerman probably isn’t a racist, he probably had no intention of following a black man that night prior to seeing Trayvon and there may have been an instance where he did fear for his safety and defended himself but none of that makes his decision of killing Trayvon Martin the right decision. Nothing George Zimmerman did that night was right, the state and the jury will tell you that is was legal, but every soul on this earth knows that it just wasn’t right. If deep down you feel that is was the right decision, then we are doomed as a civilization. May God have mercy on us all.

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