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How Well Do You Know Body Language?: Take This Quiz

By Posted on 0 1 m read

5 Questions That Can Determine How Well You Know Body Language

Answers and scoring available below! Let me know how it goes!

  1. Body posture is a very good way to communicate _______. 
  • a. love.
  • b. disgust.
  • c. dominance.
  • d. attitudes.
  1. In order to distinguish a true (Duchenne) smile from a fake smile, you need to focus on the:
  • a. lips.
  • b. eyes.
  • c. eyebrows.
  • d. cheeks.
  1. It’s said that a genuine smile is almost impossible to produce on command. But what gives away a fake one:
  • a. The smile begins slowly and spreads across the rest of the face. 
  • b. The lack of crinkles around the eyes  
  • The person’s eyes close slightly
  • d. Eyebrows are raised 
  1. True or False 
  • The shape of your face is related to how attractive you are viewed by others.
  1. True or False
  • Being able to gaze into one another’s eyes is a good indicator of love.


  1. (C) Posture is important in communicating dominance. 
  2. (B) A true smile (one of happiness) is distinguished because of narrowed eyes and the “crow’s feet” at the corners.
  3. (B) The lack of crinkles around the eyes.
  4. True 
  5. True 


Give yourself 25 points for each correct answer. 

Body Language Extraordinaire (100)

Body Language Master (60-80)

Body Language Learner (0-40)


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