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How to Have A Safe and Civil Holiday

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This holiday season, while you’re busy spreading love and Christmas cheer, we at Living Civil want you to also be conscious of those looking to exploit your good spirits and generosity. The holiday/spending season is naturally a time when people are taken advantage of most and we wouldn’t want anything putting a damper on yours, or your family’s, time together so here are some things to be on the lookout for and to plan against in the coming weeks.

 Be Smart with Your Charitable Donations

With so many options during this time of year, know who you’re giving money to and where exactly its going. Even with the Red Cross and Salvation Army, do a search on your local branch as well as the whole organization to find out how your money is being distributed, what percent stays in your community and what efforts are being supported abroad. Additionally, if you’re going to give online try to avoid connector links and go through your charity of choice’s official web page. Scam tactics are getting more and more sophisticated making it harder to distinguish the real from the fake. When all else fails, put in some face time and deliver your donations in person.

Be On Guard While Shopping

A staggering amount of theft occurs right in shopping mall and store parking lots during the Christmas season. Easy things that we sometimes overlook such as locking car doors, hiding and securing recently purchased gifts and even clutching our belongings securely going to and from our car, are all things thieves count on in order to make quick and easy come-ups. Make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s with every little thing while out shopping. This includes being sure to keep your pin number secure on debit card purchase not only online but in-store as well.

Be Mindful of Curbside Creeps

Thieves are on the move even on the days immediately after Christmas. Whether you wrap your gifts and put them under the tree in advance or you wait until early Christmas morning, be sure to properly dispose of receipts and even packaging after gifts are opened so that passers-by can’t trifle through your garbage and have an idea of what’s for the taking in your home once you step out or go to sleep. If you don’t normally, buy dark plastic trash bags particularly for this purpose and rip up or tear large packaging to deter any passers-by from even getting curious.

These are just a few tips to help keep your holiday safe, share with us your experiences and ways that you ensure your holidays are Merry and Bright!


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