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How Healthy Living Could Kill You

By Posted on 3 2 m read

"Nearly Killed Me" "How Living Healthy Nearly Killed Me" "How Healthy Living Could Kill You"

Too much of anything is unhealthy for you.  From over-obsessing to over-thinking.  Writer and experimenter of behavior, culture, custom, and knowledge, AJ Jacobs described a few of his lessons learned after a year of ‘healthy living’ with Ted Talks.  One of which, he admitted, could’ve nearly killed him.  How could healthy living affect you negatively?  Check out a few of his tips I outlined below, thoroughly outlined in his upcoming book, “Drop Dead Healthy“,  to keep a healthy balance of life.

A. Decide which healthy choices of life mean most to you.

“The amount of things you have to do is mindboggling,” Jacobs admitted.  From fitness, food, beauty, safety, cleanliness, spiritual, and religious demands,  living a complete and total healthy way of life will over-work and tire anyone.  A balance is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, and to avert any possible growing over-obsession.

B. Learn all of the facts.

If you’re calling this year is to try out a vegan lifestyle, read up on it, ask around, watch documentaries, keep a journal, so on and so forth.  Understand the dynamics of how to maintain all of the protein, enzymes, and carbohydrates needed for a healthy living with the limited foods available.  Jacobs, who  took living healthy to another lifestyle, was inspired by a Danish advertisement that promoted wearing helmets all day-long, not only for transportation.  (Did you know that more people die on a per-mile basis while drunk-walking than drunk-driving?)

C. Keep a strong social network

Changing of a lifestlye isn’t easy.  It’s more than having a new diet, a daily workout routine, and meditation regiment.  It’s also including your loved ones in your journey.  Whether or not they choose to come along for the ride is irrelevant, you’ll most likely end up motivating them in the long run.  But even if they never jump along the bandwagon, remember that you’re changing your life for yourself, first.  You don’t need others following you, but of course it’s natural to want their encouragement.  Letting them know about the support you need from them is also detrimental, so that you’re sure they understand that you’re serious.

D. Noise pollution does more harm than you know

There may be a psychological reason why iPods and iPhones basically took over the electronic world.  Noise pollution is unhealthy.  Especially for inhabitants of very busy and loud cities, it harbors healthy hearing.  And according to The World Health Organization, loud noises triggers our fight-or-flight response and impairs cognition.  This causes changes in blood circulation and stability, causing cardiovascular damage, with an estimated 1.6 million years of healthy living lost every year in Europe because of noise pollution.  Living a quiet life isn’t a bad choice, after all.

And last but not least,

E. Here’s to Joy, Love, and Happiness.

Needed for endorphines and a positive attitude to keep your new healthy lifestyle going strong.

Check out the full discussion about healthy choices for healthy living below, delivered by A.J. Jacobs.


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