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[Watch] How Doing The Right Thing Turned a Homeless Kansas City Man’s Life Around!

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Back in February, 55-year old Billy Ray Harris got more than just loose change in his cup when the newly-engaged Sarah Darling mistakenly dropped her engagement ring along with a few dollars donation. Instead of pawning and receiving what could have been a seriously nice amount of money for anyone from the ring, Harris decided to hang on to it in hopes of running into Darling again.

As fate would have it, Billy Ray did come across Sarah again and returned the ring much to her and her husband Bill Krejci’s surprise and the couple were moved to do something for Billy Ray in return. What started as a plan to raise $1000 to help Billy Ray get his life back on track soon turned into more than $190,000 in donations from people interested in recognizing Billy Ray for his honesty. Along with setting him up with a lawyer, Billy Ray has been able to set up a trust fund, purchase a car AND a house which he is now fixing up. But the story doesn’t stop there! Sarah and Bill have become great friends with Billy Ray and look forward to introducing them to the daughter they’re now expecting, and the coverage that this story has garnered has also served in reuniting Billy Ray with his estranged family who’d presumed him dead!

Billy Ray’s honesty was met with exponential returns of good fortune and just goes to show you never know when your luck could change. Check out the video courtesy of NBC below and as always Live Civil!

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