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Houston Texans’ Arian Foster and the 6 Things He Hopes To Teach His Daughter

The love and appreciation we have for mothers goes without saying, but there is a VERY special place that we all hold in our hearts for doting fathers that makes us, collectively, say, “Awwww!” definitely gives us that moment with their post from Houston Texans player Arian Foster and The 6 Things He’ll Try and Teach His Daughter. 

Arian was 23 when he found out he’d be a dad from his, then-girlfriend, now wife Romina Foster; had just been passed on at the NFL draft, had no prospects of a job and only a tryout with a prospective team. Fortunately, Arian was able to take step-up to the plate and be all-in with the mother of his child and new family, and it was the beginning of what has become a great life for them all.

It is in this space that Arian comes to us with 6 things that he would like to pass on to his growing daughter, and we want to share a couple of them with you:

Men and her worth. (loads shotgun) A sore subject for any man with a daughter. I will teach her that she is a young goddess. Help her understand her worth. Let her know that she must hold every man accountable for who they are and how they act towards her. There will be a day when I give her away, and they say that a woman spends her life looking for her father in her groom, so until that day I will try to be the example of a man that she eventually will seek out. Men tend to be motivated by one thing. Don’t fall victim to a prince charming. If he cares for her, he’ll act accordingly. If not (aims shotgun), well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

He also has this to say:

Happiness. This is probably the most cliché virtue on the list, but the most pivotal to her success. She needs to understand that “success” is a voyage, not an “x” on a map. I believe strongly that smiles are contagious, so I fill my home with as much laughter as possible. I do this in hopes that this mindset bleeds into her heart. You can’t teach happiness, per se, but you can teach perspective and let her see that the situation she is born into is unique and the things she is accustomed to are not everyone’s reality. I grew up in some rough circumstances, but in a very honest and humble way, was content with what I did have because I knew there were others out there that had less than me. This leads into the next thing I need my princess to understand.

For the full story check out and read the rest of the love that Arian has for his daughter and is sharing with us. Definitely a feel good moment!


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