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“Hooded”, A Film By Myles Loftin Intended To Reverse Negative Depictions Of Black Boys

By Posted on 1 1 m read

Have you ever google searched “four black teens” and then compared it to the images that come up when you google “four white teens”? The results are alarming. Google “four black teens” and you’ll see mugshots. Google “four white teens” and you’ll see “normal” teenagers having fun while looking bright (no pun intended) and joyous.

Since the beginning of time, the media has depicted black men in a negative light. Black men are seen as thugs, murderers, cheaters, drug dealers, or basically anything that is a threat to society. Images of black men doing regular positive things like smiling and hugging are hard to find and rarely what we see in the media.

The 19-year-old photographer, Myles Loftin wanted to change this depiction and he did more than that with his film project entitled “HOODED”. In “HOODED”, Loftin photographs black teens and shows a side of them that may be unseen to some people. Loftin uses vibrant colors, soft textures, and lots of beautiful black smiles to show that black men are human too. He also incorporates hoods as a tribute to Trayvon Martin.

We salute Myles Loftin for his artistic honesty and for creating a piece that will contribute to change in the way that the media depicts minorities. The visual speaks for itself, check it out below and visit Loftin’s website to see more of his amazing work!


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