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“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”: The Best/Worst Fights In Sports History

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No matter what background, class, or race, everyone loves to see a good fight.  And it’s even more exciting when it’s between two rivaling forces.  For this edition of Live Civil, we teach you exactly how NOT to act!  But, of course we have to bring a bit of entertainment into it too.  So checkout a few of the best fights in a few of your favorite sports!  And remember, there’s no better way to live your life than to live civil.  So take the advice from the consequences these guys experienced that a brawl of anger is never better than a balled fist and a walk away.

NFL: Andre Johnson Versus Cortland Finnegan

Consequences: Through neither were suspended, Johnson and Finnegan were ejected from the game and were both charged $25,000 each in penalties.

MMA: Muhammad Ali versus Antonio Inoki

Consequences: It ended in a draw, but Ali’s legs were bleeding, and led to an infection. He suffered two blood clots in his legs as well, which later brought him much trouble in his career.  Initially staged as a publicity stunt, many were confused when the rules were changed drastically and Inoki actually had to do physical fighting against the champ. There was no clear cut winner and both supporting opposites of fans found the match a waste of time.

NBA: Malice At The Palace [Pacers Vs Pistons]

Consequences:The NBA suspended Artest, Jackson, O’Neal, and Wallace indefinitely, until deciding that the nine players would be suspended for a total of what eventually became 146 games—137 games for Pacers players and nine games for Pistons players.  Artest was given the longest suspension, which was for the remainder of the 2004-05 NBA season, a total of 86 games.  This became known as the longest suspension in NBA history. The players lost an accumulation of an excess of $11 million in salary due to the suspensions; Artest alone losing nearly $5 million.

NHL: Bob Probert Vs Craig Coxe

Consequences: Probert fought so frequently (398 penalty minutes) that the NHL eventually suspended him from the league indefinitely in 1989 after being arrested for cocaine use in 1989.  After doing a 6 month sentence, the NHL lifted his suspension at the end of his term based upon good behavior.  He went on to continue his ill-fighting behavior and ended his career with his devoted team Red Wings after a car crash resulting from driving while intoxicated.  He went on to see more years of a career throughout 1995-2002 but never achieved the success his abilities could have promised, enduring more injuries and foul reputation within the organization.

Yankees VS Orioles

Consequences: Baltimore reliever Armando Benitez was suspended for eight games, and four other players were penalized for their involvement.  Darryl Strawberry and Graeme Lloyd of the Yankees were suspended for three games each for “overly aggressive behavior, fighting and prolonging the violent incident,” the American League said.  Alan Mills of the Orioles and Jeff Nelson of the Yankees were suspended two games apiece. In addition, Benitez was fined $2,000. Strawberry and Lloyd were fined $1,000 each, and Nelson and Mills $500 apiece. Hefty price to pay.


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