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The HistoryMakers & PBS To Premiere Documentary Special About The History of African American Business

By Posted on 195 1 m read

Two years ago, Julieanna Richardson, founder of The HistoryMakers, presented a documentary idea to PBS about the history of African American business.

Julieanna said the fact that black businesses have never truly been covered in an appropriate, in-depth manner sparked her idea and apparently, she was able to convince PBS of the same. So much so, that the television station has green lit a forthcoming documentary special about the history of African American business for a 2018 release date.

Tentatively titled A History of African Americans in Business, Julieanna says the documentary, “will tell, in an unprecedented way, the untold stories of blacks in business.” She continues, “From reflections on past business leaders such as Anthony Johnson, one of America’s first black businessmen, and considered the first black landowner in the colonies in the mid 1600’s, to many of the groundbreaking achievers of the 20th and 21st centuries.”

With The HistoryMakers serving as co-executives, Ms. Richardson says her focus is not only on making this documentary the best it can possibly be, but also to kickstart an effort to tell these types of stories moving forward.

“We want to ensure that it is as historically accurate as possible,” Julieanna states in a press release. “We also consider this the beginning of a move to tell these kind of stories and bring them to the forefront. This is so very important.”

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!


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