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‘Hidden Figures’ Passes ‘La La Land’ As Highest Grossing Film of 2017 Thus Far

The iconic, late-charging Hidden Figures film is fresh off its SAG win, and now, it has officially surpassed La La Land as the highest grossing film of the year thus far.

Hidden Figures  has risen to a whopping $119 million in less time then La La Land, which was aided by a wider release in the beginning. La La Land still sits comfortably at $118 million and anything can change from now til the Oscar’s.

The movie was centered around three incredible African American women and their incredible contributions to NASA and space travel. Considered a “hidden story” in the sense that it doesn’t get talked about much, it’s refreshing to see the outpouring of support for such an important film.

Yes, it is only February, but Hidden Figures deserves praise for this current accomplishment!

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