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Hidden Figures, Hidden History

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Hidden Figures remains #1 at the box office, telling the story of three mothers, wives, heroes, and unmentioned African American women who made a large contribution to The United States Of America.

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae play Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. These brilliant and bold women played a major role in one of America’s most historical operations, the launch of astronaut John Glenn (Glen Powell) into orbit with NASA.

Jess manning

Based on a true story, the “must see” film is nothing short of inspirational and thought-provoking; your perception on life itself will change in various ways. This piece of lost history couldn’t have been given to us at a better time, and it got us thinking — how many other “hidden stories” are looming in the stratosphere, that the average person doesn’t know about?

After being incredibly inspired by Hidden Figures, we couldn’t help but search for those answers and highlight other incredible black women and man who have miraculous stories.

Tweet us or comment below if you find any other hidden stories, knowledge is power!

Annie Malone


Before Oprah Winfrey, there was Annie Malone one of the wealthiest African American women in the nation. Annie was the first Black woman to become a millionaire from her beauty and cosmetic enterprises located in St. Louis and Chicago. #BossLady

Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley Poet 2

After being kidnapped from West Africa and enslaved, Phillis Wheatley’s life lead her to become the first African American and one of the first women to to publish a book of poetry in 1773. Inspired yet?*Snap Snap*

Auther Ashe


While we are still on a high from Serena Williams’ Wimbledon win, we cannot forget about Arthur Ashe. The star tennis player is the first African American to win the men’s singles at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, and the first African-American man to be ranked No. 1 in the world. Way to set the tone for everyone that followed, Arthur.

Philip Emeagwali


Before Steve Job’s there was Philip Emeagwali. He was born in Nigeria in 1954 and did something all of us can appreciate — he’s the creator of the world’s fastest computer!  Earning many degrees including a PH.D in scientific computing, Philip’s innovation set the tone for the future of technology.


Garret Morgan

Without Garret Morgan, accident rates would be higher. He created something that we utilize everyday to control traffic, the traffic signal. After he witnessed so many accidents in busy urban intersections, he decided to do something to help, birthing the traffic light.


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