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Hey Mama: 4 Super Moms Behind Some Of The Biggest Stars To Date

Mother’s are hands down some of the most important and influential people on planet Earth. If it wasn’t for our super moms, we wouldn’t be breathing right now.

Besides being the emotional backbone of most families, mothers have the magic touch that can heal anything from a broken leg to a broken heart. They are forgiving, they sacrifice, and they see everything before we do, almost like our own personal guide to life.

Some of our favorite artists and role models would not be who they are today without their super cool moms. Even though we have quite a while til the next Mother’s Day we couldn’t help but notice and acknowledge these mamas.

Click the following pages to see four amazing mothers behind some of the most notable stars to date. We know there’s more out there, so tell us your favorite celebrity mother in the comment section below.

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