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Here’s One Podcast You Should Be Listening To: ‘Potential Over Popularity’

By Posted on 0 1 m read

It’s safe to say that you’ve been living under a rock if the radio show and podcast ‘Potential Over Popularity’ doesn’t ring a bell. 

Yes it’s ran by black creators! So let’s break it down so it all makes sense.

When you think about what it means to create opportunities for yourself, think of this show. The co-founders Tiana Morrison and Brandon Sinclair, are using their platform to uplift other people, places, things and ideas within the urban community. 

“As we grow we hope to create a network of creatives and entrepreneurs“ said Tiana, with Brandon’s approval. “A big part of our work will be creating partnerships with different organizations in order to directly impact communities, especially youth.” The co founders continue to target the youth because they are the building blocks to creating new and innovative ideas. ‘Potential Over Popularity’ plans to participate in community service events as well by donating to charitable organizations amongst other efforts.

See! It’s more than just a radio show/podcast, it’s a positive community, seeking to highlight creatives who don’t get the recognition they deserve.

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