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How an HBCU Can Prepare You For A Bright Future


Yesterday on The Root, journalist Mia Hall wrote about her experience about being at a historically black college to discussing how it prepped her for advanced degree study and her professional life. Expertly she delivers important facts on why HBCUs still remain relevant when it comes to higher education for today’s high achievers.

“Before arriving there, I’d excelled in school, but my high school coursework didn’t prepare me for the rigorous academic demands of my Hampton professors,” she explained. “This made my first semester a time of adjustment, which brought with it a realization that it would take more sacrifice, grit and determination than I’d planned in order to thrive. But the wake-up call wasn’t demoralizing because Hampton provided mentors and academic support that enabled me to become a better writer, speaker and thinker.”

Today she is a journalist and community agents for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

Read the full piece here.


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