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Has Reality Caught Up With Chad & Evelyn?

By Posted on 0 1 m read

The reality circus of Chad and Evelyn hit a major turning point this weekend after Chad was arrested for the assault of Evelyn.

Chad was arrested late Saturday night after headbutting Evelyn after she had found condoms in his pants pocket. The normally media friendly couple has been absent since Chads arrest.  And as of Sunday Chad has been cut from the Miami dolphins roster.

As sad as this is it pegs the question when is too much reality too much. Chad and Evelyn have prided themselves on being the center of attention but has this one gone beyond the normal for the abnormal couple. Domestic violence is always a messy issue (see Chris Brown and Rihanna). Now all the endorsements and their show can be in jeopardy because most times any company finds it hard to deal with a woman abuser.

And if Evelyn decides to stay does she become a victim of circumstance and is she justifying abuse towards woman by accepting chads actions?

This is such a sad reality for them. Chad has lost his job and maybe his marriage. Has living in the public spotlight finally caused this couples downfall or is it the stuff we don’t see playing the bigger role? Or is this a publicity stunt to get their show some more press?


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