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Has Marriage Been Compromised?

By Posted on 7 2 m read

Marriage used to be the foundational glue for society. Men and women alike used to strive for marriage with the perfect counterpart so they could live and build together. But in recent years marriage has had a mockery made of it thanks to people jumping the gun and just accepting anyone who’d give them a ring.

When I was younger I remember asking my parents how’d they keep a happy marriage for so long and her reply was always “love,honesty,trust and prayer”. In today’s society it seems as if most marriages are based off someone else’s success or a publicity stunt. It’s almost as if all the things that were once sacred in a marriage are now exploited and used to draw attention to the relationship.

Women at one point wanted to be married so they could be a great wife and showcase that they can be great inside a relationship for the long run. Recently I asked a female what means more to her the marriage being successful or having a great wedding her reply shocked and saddened me “A great wedding will give me a reason to always look back and see that the wedding went good so we can’t be wrong for long”… I remember just shaking my head. Are we at the point where we value the ceremony more than the actual relationship? Are we more focused on the publics perception of our relationship more than how we view a relationship that WE ARE in.

And men have played a role in the deterioration of how marriage is seen and treated. We have so many boys posing as men that women can’t see what’s good and what’s bad with them. They play on women and take advantage of their wants of being a wife and use that as their base for the relationship.

Or have people over valued marriage? Is marriage defined by your ring? Or is it valued by what you bring and your partner can build upon?


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