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Happiness Sprinkling Project Brings Random Words of Kindness For Passersby

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The Happiness Sprinkling Project started off simply enough, Laura Lavigne wanted to offer a more genuine and positive response to the campaign sign spinners in her town of Anacortes, WA. during the 2012 election. Here’s the twist, instead of wearing blue or red pushing campaign slogans, Laura and a few friends went out in yellow and held up signs with various positive affirmations for all those passing to see. “You Rock!,” “Be YOU,” “You Are Enough” and “You Are Loved,” were some of the key players that day and thus, the Happiness Sprinkling Project was born.

Since May 22, life coach and founder of Anacortes Center for Happiness, Lavigne has established Happiness Sprinkling Projects in over 40 cities in just under two years. For each visit, the stipulation is for each city to use the original signs and wear yellow shirts, the day is completed, and the signs are shipped off to their next destination. Most recently, Riverside, CA. has been sprinkled and Lavigne is currently exploring options to get them to Italy!

“I think we all walk around with worry and questions,” Lavigne said in an interview with Huffington Post. “Sometimes just a stranger coming up to you with those words out of nowhere can shift us.”

The one exception to the Happiness Sprinkling Projects sign and shirt rule was 59-year-old Cancer patient Susan Shields, from Ames, Iowa. After missing her towns sprinkling Shields request for the signs to be sent back, and when they were she showed up in her yellow but with her own sign “Life Is Good”. Shield’s passed shortly after that but her memory lives on in what has now become a regular Happiness Sprinkling project sign, seen below.



For more info on The Happiness Sprinkling Project, check out their website from the link above. There you can also find more pictures from their events as well as more info on Laura Lavigne and The Anacortes Center for Happiness.


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