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Gym Teacher Turns ‘Nae Nae’ Dance Into Fun Cardio Workout For His Elementary Students (VIDEO)

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Everyone’s doing it so why not turn the ‘Nae Nae’ dance into full blown cardio workout.

Jared Paschall, a gym teacher at Harvest Elementary School in Alabama noticed that his gym students couldn’t get enough of the popular”Whip/Nae Nae” dance. He saw this as the perfect teaching moment. The physical education teacher turned the dance into a cardio routine for his students to whip and nae nae all they want.

Paschall strategically incorporated jumping jacks, lunges and high knees among other workout  techniques into a dance and shared his creation with his Facebook friends. The routine instantly went viral and has since garnered well over 19 million views. That’s a lot of dancing!

Check out the video above and get your heart pumping too!



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