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Guest Blog: Monica Brown’s Open Letter To Motherhood

By Posted on 0 2 m read

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we reach out to some of our favorite mothers to pen an open letter to some of the joys and blessings they have received during motherhood. Monica Brown wrote the following letter for her family:


Each day as a Mother requires something different , I’ve realized that no matter the journey , my children are the JOY….. Often times the desires of my heart come through them & wherever doubt lived inside of me , they replaced with a confidence that has lead me to great things. I was fortunate to have been raised by an incredible God fearing woman.. She never made excuses, she’s was always present with purpose . That purpose was always to give us an upbringing that we could be proud of & instill morals that could not be broken by the world . I undoubtedly strayed but because of her teachings, I had something magnificent to return to . The Love of God and her open arms saved me when I was in my own way …… I understand that she is , because of her mother. Just as I am, because of her.  Relentless, not easily broken , joyful , prayer filled believers that take each day as it comes!!! You can not focus on the hardships of being a mother because you will miss the joys. The laughter and beautiful moments between my children and I are why I keep a genuine smile and sincere heart… When I’m no longer here I pray that my love for Rodney, Romelō & Laiyah lives so strongly in them that no one notices I’ve left … Everything I am, I will give to them.. When I think of Gods plan I see their faces…This Mother’s Day gratefulness fills my heart and soul. Because of them, one day my life’s story will be the greatest ever told ….  – Monica Brown



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