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Guest Blog: Toya Pens Letter On Mother’s Day

By Posted on 0 2 m read

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we reach out to some of our favorite mothers to pen an open letter to some of the joys and blessings they have received during motherhood. Toya  wrote the following letter for her family:

I became a mother at the age of 15, I didn’t know a thing about motherhood at that time.  All I knew was I wanted to be able to give my daughter all the things I didn’t have and more.  I wanted to be the best caretaker, protector and role model to my baby girl.  Having my daughter so young was such a life-altering experience. I had to grow up super fast but the Joy of just watching her grow up and re-living all those first moments when she started discovering how to do things on her own was everything!   Now she’s grown and I’ve started all over again.  It’s so different this time around.  I’m older and wiser and I’ve learned so much about motherhood from raising my oldest daughter I feel more experienced now. The joy of motherhood comes in moments. I’ve learned that there will be hard and frustrating times. There is no such thing as a “perfect parent” so just be a real one.  I’m forever grateful and blessed to have two daughters.  They put the color inside of my world.  Happy Mother’s Day! – Toya 


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