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Group of Students Creates ‘FiB’ To Identify Fake News

By Posted on 0 1 m read

A team of four graduate and undergrad students recently created “FiB,” a Google Chrome extension that verifies the authenticity of posts on Facebook to combat the circulation of fake news.

According to The Huffington Post, it initially gives a source of a news, couple or picture a certainty measure formed on a source’s past credibility then it takes it a step further by looking at the content, extracting keywords, and removing the outline of the article.

We perform mixed searches on keywords and summaries. Depending on a formula of these searches we give it another certainty score,” Goel, one of the members explained, adding that depending on if a scores pass a certain threshold, they’re noted possibly “verified” or “unverified.”

The group’s admirable work hasn’t gone unnoticed and at the hackathon. They received the Best Moonshot award from Google ― a distinction that honors the most ambitious project, NBC reports.

To learn more about “FiB” or about the talented group of students behind the brilliant idea, click here.


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