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Girl Get Off My Bus: Driver Uppercuts Teen Girl In Cleveland!

By Posted on 1 2 m read

The infamous punch heard ‘round the internet seems to have had severe consequences for the driver. In a video that went viral last night showing Cleveland bus driver Artis Hughes 59, Uppercutting and manhandling 25 year old passenger Shi’dea Lane after a heated exchange.

The video begins with Lane and Hughes going back and forth exchanging threats and names. As the video progresses you see lane approach the driver and the driver responding with a haymaker. On the video that surfaced last night you can’t clearly see what Lane does when she walks up but according to police reports and eye witnesses Lane choked and spit on Hughes. After the punch Hughes is seen physically throwing the young woman off the bus and she somehow manages to fight her way back on the bus.

As crazy as this situation is I truly don’t believe the driver is in the wrong with this. He was spit on and choked by someone young enough to be his granddaughter he responded the way he deemed necessary. The young lady involved could have easily caused the driver to veer off and crash so not only was she putting the safety of herself in danger but as well as the other passengers on the bus line. Not to mention her overly aggressive nature provoking the driver and placing threats against the driver.

Now I’m not saying the driver doesn’t take responsibility for some of the actions because he is in the position of power. He could have easily took the bus out of service and called for help via his dispatcher or through the 911 option that comes standard with all newer buses nationwide. He does deserve a penalty but I don’t think the penalty should be prison or loss of his job. He stood up for himself and the longer she was on the bus she was a threat to his safety as well as the well being of the passengers.

Do you think the driver overdid it by punching her? Or is the fault solely on Ms Lane? Do You Think his job should be taken away?


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