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From Gang Member To Successful Entrepreneur, Meet Ryan Blair

Looking back, what are 3 of the biggest lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?

Ryan Blair: In Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain, I have a chapter called “Million-Dollar Mistakes” which surprised a lot of people because I not only talk about my mistakes and what I learned from every single one of them. While in Rock Bottom To Rock, I share the major lessons of investment, work-ethic, and managing one’s life.

You’ve been doing this since 1996, what would you say has been the most defining moment since you started?

Ryan Blair: One of the most defining moments would have to be when my mother woke up from coma. That was out of this world, and a true miracle for me and my family. She had fallen from a flight of stairs and we didn’t think she’d make it because she spend two years fighting on life support. In fact, in my book I talk about how I would pray for mercy first and then a miracle second. I go into details about how half of her scull was removed, and the tubes that were coming out of her head. It was a crucial to experience but through it all, I just prayed and wanted mercy.

I recall vividly going in one day and telling her that we were going to take her off life support but that if she didn’t that then she would had to wake up and fight much more. Next thing you know, after having that heart to heart conversation with my mom, her eyes starting moving and she started communicating with us just by blinking at us. Fast forward to today, I’m now able to take care of my mom, talk to her and have a relationship with her that I really never thought I would have ever again. It was a miracle, a true miracle!

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