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From Gang Member To Successful Entrepreneur, Meet Ryan Blair

You lost your father at a young age, your mother suffered from alcoholism, and you were in and out of juvenile prison. How do you think that shaped you into the person that you are today?

Ryan Blair: It has taught me how to roll with the punches and anything that life throws at me. One of my philosophies in my next book is “what weakens strengthens you,” which I’m a firm believer of that. You see I strongly disagree with the old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” because I feel that there’s a lot of things that don’t kill you and don’t make you stronger. I’m also a product of those rock bottom moments and diversities that I’ve gone through, along with the attitude and actions that I take on a daily basis.

You mentioned your second book, From Rock Bottom To Rock Star, tell us more about it and how different is that one from your first book?

Ryan Blair: When I first wrote Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain, I had just lost my mentor, Robert Hunt, who taught me the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the value system that I’ve adapted along the years, so I wrote it as a tribute to him. But during that same exact time when I submitted the manual script in 2010 a lot more changed. I lost another important person in my life, my step-father who influenced immensely.

In Rock Bottom To Rock Star, I not only update my readers on what happened since releasing my first book which sky rocket and went number one as an international best seller but I also talk about having the great success with my company ViSalus, and facing some very personal topics, such as my son being diagnosed with Autism and my mom going into coma for two years straight. So as you can tell, Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain was more of a biography and Rock Bottom To Rock Star is more of a how to guide, maximizing your life, and becoming your own personal version.

Now more than ever, young people are starting new and innovative ideas and businesses. What advice do you have for young CEO’s looking for opportunities and most importantly, mentorship?

Ryan Blair: Just last week, I spoke at the NAA’s National Autism Conference in New Orleans and the audience was mostly mothers who were asking how they could become the CEO of their child’s special needs. Now that’s interesting because I feel that you can learn a lot from many people, and I’ve been blessed to accumulate everything that I’ve learned along the years, so having to pass on what I know has tremendously impacted my life in one way or another.

I’ve been open to be teach, mentor others what I know, and I’ve had the blessing to have been mentored by a lot of notable individuals like Basketball player and coach, John Wooden, Billionaire, Dan Gilbert, just to name a few. However, that doesn’t mean that I would see them everyday or constantly spend time with them. If anything, I would take the initiative of learning something everyday by reading about them, or being in a position of wanting to better myself.

Another advice I gave those mothers during the conference was that you have to put yourself and your children in front of as many mentors as possible because eventually one will resonate or will have the lesson he or she may need. It’s also much easier to find a mentor today than it was 20 years ago when I started. You can find them on sites like YouTube, social media, and you can learn from them just by watching or reading what they do on a daily.


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