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From Gang Member To Successful Entrepreneur, Meet Ryan Blair

Ryan Blair is the CEO of ViSalus Sciences, number one New York Times bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur who came from nothing to lose, and had everything to gain.

At the early age of 21, Blair was the founder of his first business, 24/ Tech, and since then, created and invested in multiple start-ups ventures. His first book, Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain, allowed readers to journey through Ryan’s life and testimony of how he defied the odds and became successful despite growing up in poverty in a broken home as a former gang member.

Now in his second book, Rock Bottom To Rock Star, the 39-year-old reveals how he rose to the top and shares his personal formula for going from rock bottom to rock star, and being the absolute best at what you do. recently spoke to the successful entrepreneur to discuss both of his books, his challenging story that has helped him achieve success, how to work towards the better version of oneself, and much more. – Lupe “Looove” LLerenas

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  1. Collective Campus

    Great article! For more from Ryan Blair, check out this podcast

    Topics discussed:

    – Ryan’s Journey (Gang members, a violent father, family in jail and his first kiss dying in a drive by, right through to starting and running multi-million dollar companies)
    – Ryan’s Books – Rockbottom to Rockstar and Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain.
    – Unintended consequences of negative reenforcement
    – Seeing obstacles as opportunities
    – Humility, ego, self assuredness and insecurity
    – Going Bankrupt
    – HashTagOne Project
    – The impact of AI on improving learning outcomes and education, especially for children with traditional learning disabilities
    – Don’t believe your own hype
    – Focus on knowing when to say “no”
    – How Steve Jobs helped Ryan through his darkest moments
    – How to instill hunger and humility in children growing up in the Hollywood Hills with a Ferrari in the driveway
    – Why you should ask good questions
    – Ryan’s Top 3 pieces career advice
    – Man In The Glass documentary


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