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The Gag: KeKe Palmer’s Sultry Shoot w/ Vulkan Online

By Posted on 25 2 m read

KeKe Palmer shows us every day how she has grown up to be a versatile, beautiful, sexy, smart, and confident young woman. KeKe sat down with Canadian fashion publication, Vulkan Magazine for a sultry shoot and conservation with Matthew Reinhold and MadPics. Take a look at these amazing photo’s and our favorite tidbits from the interview.


The Gag: Palmer did not have to audition for her role as ZayDay on Scream Queens, the character was made with her in mind.


The Gag: Palmer’s comfy girl swag is inspired by Aaliyah, Brandy, and TLC.


The Gag: The saying itself came from a wardrobe stylist on the set of the movie, “Pimp”. “Pimp” is a story about a young woman growing up in the pimp industry, which is said to release in 2017. The wardrobe stylist would always say “that’s the gag” and Palmer adopted the hilarious saying, making it popular via her Snapchat and Twitter.


The Gag: Palmer is an author and her book “I don’t belong to you” is for the kids and the people. She always keeps it real and her Snapchat followers can testify to that. Her snap story is a hysterical yet inspirational play by play of her inner thoughts, career, family, and friends. She spreads unconditional love and human truth, follow her: KeekThaSneak.


The Gag: Although Palmer comes off as an “open book” who shares her soul with the world, she still struggles with vulnerability.


The Gag: Cinderella is her favorite role and R.Kelly was her favorite person to work with.


The Gag: Palmer is an advocate for the youth, education, and equality.

“Anything to do with young kids, my heart goes to. I feel like we have to put so much focus into young people, as we have to build them up while they are young in order to allow them to flourish as adults. Also, discrimination is a huge issue for me; I don’t like anything that is discriminatory in any way. Equality, acceptance for all, positivity, and education for the youth–that is where my heart is.” – KeKe Palmer

The Last Gag: If she ever win’s a Grammy, she wants the whole audience to pray with her.

I know that if I ever won a Grammy, I would get up on the stage and try to get everyone to pray; I would get up on the stage and say “if yall could bow your heads with me for 5 seconds.” That has always been a big thing for me, and you read it hear first…if I ever win a Grammy, we gon’ pray!

Keep it KeKe and keep doing YOUR thing. Palmer is a product of someone who is unapologetically themselves, even if she has to stand alone.

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