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Gabby Douglas, Serena Williams Helping Craft Soundtrack For 2012 London Olympics

By Posted on 29 3 m read

Silver medalist Carmelita Jeter, gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, & bronze medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown

Every four years there’s a certain sense of patriotism that overcomes us all. That time of the year is simply known as the Olympics. In 2012, we’re dealing with The Games in a way that, pretty much, presents itself in an unprecedented view. With social media commanding such an integral part in the events in London, we’re now witnessing the Games in real time, but finding out the results long before they air on American television. Yet and still, while the technological advances may or may not be ruining the watching experience for those of us in the United States, there have been story lines hard to ignore.

There’s Ryan Lochte, his aggressiveness to capture America’s swimming hearts and his custom made Paul Wall grill.
Then there’s Michael Phelps becoming the all-time leader in Olympic medals.
Then, we’re all watching in awe as Usain Bolt attempts to sprint his way into world history.
And lastly, there’s of course the men’s basketball team and their never-ending comparisons to their 1992 counterparts which featured Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson and eight other Hall of Fame players.
Yet, one of the most thrilling has been the success of the African American female Olympian. Most notably Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas. Serena has long been known as the premiere female tennis player in the world. And while her other competitors have posed as serious threats to the game’s throne throughout the years, it’s Serena who has remained the face of the sport. In the 2012 Olympics, Serena solidified herself as tennis’ face by doing something which has not been done since 2000. Serena became the first double gold medalist in the singles and doubles competition from someone she knows quite well – her sister Venus. In a sense of humbleness and respect, the younger Williams said this about the accomplishment, “It’s crazy. I’m always copying her. I forgot that she did it in Sydney and I do it here. We’re the same doubles team, we just split this to singles, so it’s cool.
While Serena has created more than a respectable amount worth of news, it’s evident Gabby Douglas has been the darling child and biggest lightening rod for controversy this summer. The 16-year-old gymnast from Newport News, Virginia, has been in the news for almost the past week just as much for her dominance on the the world’s biggest stage, but for her personal life as well. Douglas has captured the gold in both the all-around and team competitions already solidifying herself as the country’s newest gymnastics darling in the same manner Dominique Dawes did in Atlanta in 1996. And where topic of her hair and family structure has garnered attention for notable, yet even more inexplicable reasons in the previous days, her 2012 dominance may not yet be over. Gabby is still slated to compete for the gold medal in the uneven bars; an event which has long been considered her best routine.
In retrospect, the Olympics are far bigger than any event, any country and certainly any race. Yet and still, it’s not a bad forum to remind everyone of a simple, yet always relevant though. Black girls, do indeed, rock.


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