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Fuzion Magazine presents The Metamorphosis of Keke Palmer

By Posted on 1 1 m read

At the young age of 20, Keke Palmer has shown that she is a women of many talents. The young singer, actress, fashion designer, songwriter, dancer and voice actress has emerged from a Disney star to one of the most hardworking females of her generation. From the outside, Palmer makes juggling her many talents look like a walk in the park; however her success did not come as easy.

In a double cover issue, Palmer shares with Fuzion Magazine her metamorphosis from a child star to a young adult and essentially how she maintains her morals:

“ Even though I’m in the entertainment industry most my advice or mentors come from outside of the industry. I don’t like to cloud my head too much with the Hollywood world—I really just talk to my mom, talk to God, my family is very close so if I have any issues I just talk to them about it and they help me through it.” [role model]

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