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Four Tips On Standing Out As A Social Media Influencer

By Posted on 4 2 m read

When we launched the Live Civil Academy, we did it with the intentions of providing resources and tools to help cultivate emerging creative in the digital space. One of the first topic we focused on was helping others monetize their social media following so that they can become social media influencers and have brands to pay them to promote content in their markets. Here are four tips to help you stand out and get the attention that you need.

Professionalism Will Always Get Your Ahead      

How you carry yourself and the type of attitude you give off to others will always affect your business relationships in a positive or negative way. If you are a partner who is known for being reliable, responsive, timely, and flexible then brands will be more willing to work with you because they will think highly of you. How you carry yourself on your social media will always show too, are you constantly engaging with your followers? Do you remain positive and only showcase work appropriate content?


It’s Not You, It’s Them

Social media influencer marketing is one of the biggest growing fields right now and brands are doing their best to filter through available influencers they will give the best return on investment for their products. Something as simple as a strategy change to help improve engagement to sales data, budgeting could increase or decrease int  the marketing department. These type of things happen all the time and you have to remember it’s not a personal message your how you carry yourself or your brand


The More You Fake It, The Less You’ll Make It

We go into this in full on the Live Civil Social Media Influencers’ Course, but having a huge following if pointless if you don’t have a great engagement. Stay focus on growing your brand transparently and connecting with your audience in an authentic way. Brands will not want to reach out to you just because you used apps or other ways to get a lot of followers and they don’t engage with you. 


Find What Makes Your Special

The best thing you can do for your brand if find your niche market or an unique selling point and dominate with that. When you find something you are passionate about and build content around that you slowly become an expert in that market and brands will want to come to you before others because they know your audience will respond to anything you recommend about their products.


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